7 Best Poses In Yoga For Writers

Whether you write at work or you’re writing a novel at home, as a writer you probably spend a good deal of time sitting in front of a computer.

We all know that sitting in front of a computer all day is far from healthy.

Yoga is one of the best exercises to in your breaks. It quickly gets us moving and undoes the damage of a sedentary lifestyle. Here are some writers’ favourite yoga poses.

1. Child’s Pose

Creativity comes when we are relaxed and at peace. It’s said that you can’t rush art. You’ve just got to surrender to the world and let nature guide you back to your point of creativity.

One of the best ways to do that is with Child’s Pose.

In this simple pose we relax with the forehead on the floor, our spine long with space between the vertebrae.

In this position we breathe and unwind. This restores our flow and let’s creativity return to us. Definitely one of the best yoga poses for writers.


2. Corpse Pose

Corpse pose is a simple pose in which we are at rest on the ground, lying on our backs.

Usually practiced at the end of a yoga session, corpse pose is a moment for meditation. It is surrender. It is being one with the universe. It is deep meditation—precisely the sort of meditation that boosts creativity.

This yoga pose helps writers to relax and to refocus their minds.

3. Pigeon

Pigeon pose is a way of liberating the energy reservoirs in the hips.

This beautiful pose is a potent way of releasing negative energy.

The hips are the seeds of inner creativity. When we relax the hips we open the second chakra, boosting creative energy.

If you’re stuck in your writing, hold Pigeon Pose for a few minutes. It will rekindle your creative fires.


4. Eagle

Closely related to pigeon pose, Eagle Pose also opens the hips to liberate the creative energy in the second chakra (Svadhishthana). It also releases shoulder and neck tension, which undoes a lot of the trouble we writers experience from sitting at the desk for too long.


5. Half Moon

Half Moon Pose is a pose of harmony in which the whole body works together.

This wonderful pose produces inner peace and balance. It is a powerful way of opening the mind. This is one of the best yoga poses for writer’s block.


6. Pranayama and meditative breathing

Pranayama and meditative breathing are excellent for relaxation and for writer’s block. When we are relaxed and calm the brain produces alpha brainwaves that are conducive to creativity. This will work together with the physical posture to cause a surge in creative energy.


Resource: The Daily Meditation 

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