Cues for mindful breathing

Mindful breathe

Breathe smoothly.

Deepen your breath. 

Move with the breath. 

Breathe like a gliding bird.

Big breath in, and long breath out.

Big inhallation in, and long exhale out.

Inhale expansion, and exhale contraction. 

Take a couple of breaths here to find what feels good.

Can you keep your muscles active and your breath soft? 

Continue to deepen the breath. Enjoy this time for yourself.

Think extension inhale, and contraction when you breath out.

Check in with how you are feeling today. Use your breath, let it go.

You knees are not just hanging there, your breath is doing so much with your moves. 

We are work to synchronize the movement with the breath, and the breath with movement.

Pay attention to the qualities of softness or hardness in your breath, your body, and your eyes.

Experiment with breathing into the back of your lower lungs, expanding the ribs like wings on the inhalation. 

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