Make Your Mission Statement

What is a mission statement? It is a concise saying to put your self-reflection and analysis. It could help you solidify your business plan.

You are serious about teaching yoga. It can be a long journey to become a successful yoga instructor. That’s why Having a mission statement is so important to ground out teaching goals. We know what we are about, and if asked, we can explain our mission clearly to others.

What should a statement look like? It should convey

  • who you are
  • what you do
  • what you stand for
why you do it

Here is my latest mission statement:

I am an interdisciplinary researcher of ecological planning, social space, and environmental psychology. I am inspired by the quest to discover who and what we are at our essence, and to explore the relationship between reality and consciousness.

I am a yogi and a freelance author, hosting my travel yogi blog, and write scripts for podcasts on self development, yoga and meditation.

I believe holistic living is a choice for everyone to contribute to the health of mother Earth and relationships.

It is my life journey of pursuing solutions for proper living in the world.

Here is another example I found convincing written by Ashley Jestin:

My passion is to remind others of their innate ability to heal themselves. I am a yoga and meditation instructor, an energy worker, a reiki master, and a shamanic practitioner… It is my passion to remind others of their innate ability to heal themselves, and to hold space for healing to occur, whether that comes in the form of a public yoga class, a private session, or a conversation.

If you are new to teaching, perhaps this is the first time you’ve tried to put such a statement together. If you are a veteran teacher, you may want to refine a statement you created previously. In any case, it’s a good idea to revisit your mission statement every few years, since you are always changing and growing.

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