Our True Nature

A sacred treasure awaits your discovery if you cease your external search for happiness and commence upon your internal journey. Everything that you truly desire in your life is already available at the core of your being.

Within you exists infinite happiness, eternal peace, everlasting tranquility, and ecstatic bliss.

You entered this world as a perfect spiritual specimen. Your true nature or essence, your heart, is nothing less than supreme perfection. Everything you are looking for can be found within.

It is possible that you do not believe in any of this; there is a very logical reason for this skeptical apprehension. From the moment of your birth, your ego has been on a mission to overshadow your inherent perfection; your ego desires for you to forget the truth of your essential nature and follow its destructive and delusional path filled with desire and attachment. Your ego simply wishes you to remain a victim of the endless cycle of suffering we know as “normal” living.

Of course, this philosophy of existence only appears normal because the majority of the world operates under the bureaucracy of the ego.

Fortunately, you have a choice: you can live according to this deluded sense of self, or discover the perfection that encompasses your being.

From this moment forward, you can wake each morning with the clear intention of living your sacred life in alignment with the fundamental nature of your being.

You can make the firm decision to restrict your journey to one of inner exploration rather than remain on your never-ending external quest.

This inner path is where you will unearth the princess treasures of freedom, liberation, and pure joy.


We always seem to be striving to reach self-actualization, enlightenment, and perfection. What we fail to actually realize is the fact that perfection exists within us naturally.

We are born into the world perfect, free, and liberated. It is our developing ego that takes us away from this blissful state, dragging us into the tyranny of its delusions.

Our task is to re-discover our perfection and allow the light of our beings to once again radiate throughout the Universe like the rays of the brilliant sun.

Real-Life Application

Uncover and expose the shadows your ego casts that conceal the vivacity and luminosity of your essential being. Make notes of the deceptive patterns that your ego tries to use to its advantage and begin to sever your attachments to these illusions that prevent you from reaching freedom.

Ask yourself what it is that overshadows the fundamental nature of your being.

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