How does teaching yoga empower my students in school?

Yoga philosophy = Teaching philosophy

As a yoga teacher, I offer classes that challenge students to engage with the space, the body, the mind, and the spirit.

For me, teaching yoga is a great way to give a part of myself to the community. It brings out the side of me that is ready to work with others in order to build a more peaceful and flourishing world.

I apply this yoga philosophy in teaching and mentorship.

When I teach urban design at the graduate school, I consider yoga and the design profession revolve around three principles:

1. The need to respect our interconnection with nature and welcome it into our day-to-day life; 

2. The need to celebrate who we are and what we love in every space so that we create supportive environments; 

3. The need to give a part of myself to the community, bringing out the side of us that is ready to work with others to build a more peaceful, flourishing world. 

I want students to pay attention to their surroundings, and connect their observations in everyday life to the curriculum materials. Living mindfully develops memory muscle that will become organic knowledge. I also include local knowledge into my courses to promote relevance, interest and cultural sensitivity.

I design my courses with consideration of students’ learning ability. I typically provide key concepts through texts and graphics. When I present my experiences in managing situations such as architectural regeneration and vulnerable landscapes, I find it a wonderful opportunity to explain what impacts designers can make. In turn, students engage with the course material.

I present case studies, stories, or scenarios to ensure students grasp the basic understanding of the concept.

I encourage hand drawing and white board notes to allow student to meaningfully interact with the material and bring their learning experience into a deeper level. My background in architectural design makes me confident in  using graphics to solve problems. In a three-hour long afternoon course, believe me, visualization catches students’ attention, and they benefit from these communication skills in client-oriented career environments.

I teach because I feel education cultivates resilience.

In a 60-minute yoga class, I give students 100% of my attention in my presentation. In graduate school, my students deserve the same level of attention.

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